Life and Works of Juan Luna and Intramuros Virtual Tours

Anne Uy and Andrei Julian founded Don’t Skip Manila which offers walking tours full of history and activities through the vibrant city. The Tourism graduates started Don’t Skip Manila to help promote the city by holding guided tours around neighborhoods like Ermita, Quiapo, Intramuros, and Pandacan, as well as Manila’s museums.

Don’t Skip Manila is a passion project that aims to tell the story of the pearl city. Our mission is to help people appreciate the often misunderstood urban maze. For the longest time, Manila has always been listed as a destination to skip when traveling to the Philippines. This project aims to change that. Experience Manila’s history, arts, and culture through our carefully crafted tours which will prove why you shouldn’t skip the Pearl of the Orient.

Our walking tour converted into a virtual tour medium

Intramuros is the old Manila. During the early times, referring to Intramuros is pointing to this walled city. This virtual tour will cover the most visited tourist attractions of the walled city – Intramuros. While e-xploring this Spanish citadel that was founded in 1521, our virtual tour guides will also tell you more than 400 years – pre-Spanish period, colonization era, war years up to present – of Manila history that shaped the nation Philippines.

What This Class Covers
A historical virtual tour that tells the story of the old Manila – Intramuros’ transformation and development done in storytelling method. Best to take if you want to e-xplore and learn the Philippine culture while hearing the story of Manila. Perfect for anyone curious about the history of the capital of the Philippines.

Los Angeles, CA Time
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
November 27, 2020

Intramuros Tour $14.99 (6PM FRI 11/27)


A lesson about Juan Luna’s life, works of art, and contribution to the Philippine nation

Juan Luna y Novicio was a Filipino painter and patriot during the late 19th century. He became one of the first recognized Philippine artists. This e-story tells the colorful story and the tragic end of one of the most notable artists in the Philippines – Juan Luna. Our tour guide will present the audience some of his most notable works and the stories behind it. We will weave through the life, works and struggles of Juan Luna and how it affected the whole of Philippine history.

What This Class Covers

A storytelling of Juan Luna’s life through his arts and paintings. The story will also focus on two of his masterpieces: Spoliarium and The Parisian Life. Best to take if you want to learn more about Philippine heroes and some cultural treasures of the Philippines. Perfect for anyone curious about Philippine heroes.

Los Angeles, CA Time
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
November 26, 2020

Juan Luna $9.99 (6PM THU 11/26)


Our classic wartime tour expanded and converted into a riveting virtual tour

The Battle for Manila, a 29-day battle during the Second World War II that converted Manila from being the Pearl of the Orient to the Warsaw of the East. The month-long battle fought by forces from both the United States and the Philippines against Japanese troops in Manila. It is now known as the worst urban fighting in the Pacific theater. We will explore site where horrendous events happened in 1945 with a goal of understanding the event that lead to the Manila of the present.

What This Class Covers

A storytelling of the Battle for Manila, a heart-breaking story in our history that will make us understand the present condition of our nation. Best to take if you are interested in war stories and already have a background of Philippine history. For mature audiences, as it features graphic pictures and stories.

Los Angeles, CA Time
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
November 28, 2020

Wartime Tour $14.99 (6PM SAT 11/28)