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Welcome to Suyomano’s Conversational Filipino for Beginners. 

We are so glad to be of service to you as you embark on this wonderful journey of learning how to speak the Filipino language. In this fun and interactive series of modules, we will walk you through the basics of Pinoy grammar plus introduce you to some of the most common expressions that you can use in your everyday life.  

What’s in each module?

  1. Introduction. Welcome to the Philippines! Ready to learn Filipino? Or wait, is it Tagalog? What’s the difference? 
  1. Ang Alpabetong Pilipino. How to pronounce ng and maaalala. Is J pronounced Jose or Jones? How about pangalan and bunga? 
  1. Kumusta and other niceties. How to introduce yourself, your parents, your siblings, and your pets to relatives and strangers. The Formal and the Informal: Nag-almusal ka na?  vs Nag-almusal na po kayo?  
  1. Isa, dalawa, tatlo! Ang tatay mong kalbo! How to count – Is it uno o isa? How to tell the time and the date. Bonus: A Karaoke sesh of the months of the year! 
  1. Linggo na ba? Shopping tayo! Ilan, Magkano, Gaano, Ikailan and things to know when shopping in Filipino. 
  1. Maganda ako! Mabait ka! Guwapo siya! The most common adjectives we use to describe people, places, food, and common objects. 
  1. Uyyyy, ungkatan ng past, present, future tenses! The most commonly used verbs and how to conjugate them. 
  1. Ikaw, ka, mo….All of these mean “You!” But which pronoun to use and when? How to differentiate between Ako, Ko, Akin, Kita. Should I use mo or ka? 
  1. Take out or dine in? How to order food and ask directions. 
  2. Mahal kita, ang cute mo, and a whole lot of useful expressions!