Filipino Language Intermediate

The Filipino Language for Intermediate Class is designed for non-filipino speakers.

This series class is an intermediate level course in the Filipino / Tagalog language. It is a continuation of the beginning level class, designed to introduce learners to structures and vocabulary necessary to be able to function in everyday social situations, participate in conversations dealing with daily routines and familiar topics.

The focus of the course is on the development of learners’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to be able to ask and answer questions on familiar topics, provide detailed narrations and descriptions, give and follow directions, read and write short informational texts and appropriately use common everyday expressions.

The prepared module was composed of: a) listening to dialogues or articles about the specific theme being studied; b) vocabulary; c) comprehension; d) pronunciation and reading; e) grammar lesson; and f) understanding the culture.  This is also infused with developmental activities on the four macro skills for language students.

Alvarez-Encabo, MA


Irene Villarin Gonzaga