Mentoring Young Filipino Leaders

Committed to strengthening ties of young global Filipino leaders as future decision makers to different mentors and leaders all over the world

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The MYFL Program

The MYFL envisions a rigorous eight-week program where a cohort of young Filipinos, selected through a meticulous application process, will train under mentors from different Filipino leaders based all over the world. A tentative outline of the program is described below:

Week 1

Introduction: Culture, cult, cultivate: the A-I Theorem and S1/S2 Thinking and Decision Making

Week 2

Definition of leadership and identifying different leadership styles

Week 3

Multicultural Management: Power Distance, Collective vs. Individual, Feminine vs. Masculine, Risk taking vs. Risk aversion 

Week 4

The OODA loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (then repeat)

Week 5

Team membership roles: Everyone has ‘em… even leaders

Week 6

5 major economical frameworks of decision making 

Week 7

The Three Intersecting Circles method for determining the competitive advantages of Filipino culture

Week 8

Deconstructing Filipino culture

After the eight-week program, mentees are expected to deliver a civic community project applying the leadership principles they learned through the training. They are then expected to further develop these leadership skills in their own organizations and communities, thus building a new generation of competent and adequately equipped Filipino leaders in different fields.


Our Mission

To bridge global Filipino Leaders to young Filipino leaders within the Philippines and abroad in order to promote and enhance Filipino culture and values across various organisations, to reconnect Filipino expatriates back to their Filipino roots, and to continuously develop strong, capable, transparent, courageous, fair, accountable, and integrity-minded future decision makers, community leaders, and public or private patriots.

Our Vision

Organize sustainable, “outward-looking-in,” leadership- and mentorship-focused programs that foster the sharing and transferring of relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences to selected young Filipino leaders so that they and other future leaders are equipped, aided, encouraged, and motivated when addressing problems within the republic.

Why are we doing this?

There are over 12 million Filipinos in different parts of the world, putting us on the list of one of the largest diasporas. Overseas, Filipinos are recognized and respected for their hard work, character, and leadership in organizations and communities. However, with an almost 110 million population, the Philippines has a less prestigious reputation in the international community due to poor quality of education, lack of strong and transparent leadership in government and private organizations, and poverty, among others. Filipinos deserve better and it is up to Filipino people, especially the Filipino youth, to create those ripples for a better country. 

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