Philippine Art Appreciation Classes on Visual Arts, Music, and Dance (5 Weeks) by Corinne Romabiles – Starts June 10/11


The Beauty of Things Filipino: Art Appreciation Class [PART One]

This set of 5 classes is an introduction to the Magiliw program – based on DBAE (Disciple-based Art Education) – which encourages learning across four disciplines: art history, art theory, art criticism, and art practice. The series is designed for students and professionals who want to know the basics about Philippine art, aesthetics, design, and branding.

The art appreciation classes will feature major arts of the Philippines: Visual Arts, Music, and Dance and other significant works in the Philippine Art historical timeline. Explore the art of Amorsolo’s backlighting, the masterpieces of the 13 modern artist of the Philippines and the architecture of Islamic Filipinos. Enjoy the music of Kundiman, Original Pinoy Music (OPM) and the wooden instruments of ethnolinguistic groups. Experience the Philippine dance that goes beyond folk and see how the indigenous martial arts finds its way to the modern hip-hop.

What This Class Covers

This series will have 5 classes about the three major arts of the Philippines: Visual Arts, Music, and Dance.

Session 1 – Introduction and the Philippine Art Historical Timeline

Session 2 – The Elements and Principles of Art

Session 3 – Philippine Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

Session 4 – Philippine Music

Session 5 – Philippine Dance



Date and Time of Class

This class runs 90 minutes per Session.


Manila Schedule

Every Friday (8:00 AM – 9:30 AM)
Jun 11, 18, 25, Aug 2, 9

California Schedule PST

Every Thursday (4:00 PM – 5:30 PM)
Jun 10, 17, 24, Aug 1, 8


Corinne is the founder and the creative director of Idiyanale, a digital media studio, and is currently teaching Philippine Branding and Art-Science among STEAM and business professionals. Her education degrees in General Humanities, Theology, MA in Art History and PHD in Philippine Studies – International Relations led to research on Art Education, Innovation and Science Communication. She is a freelance virtual merchandiser, writer at Vibal Publishing Inc., adjunct professor at Asian Institute of Management and part-time faculty at University of Asia & the Pacific.