Ancient Filipino Indigenous Script Series Class by Dr. Catherine Sy Luib

Ancient Filipino Indigenous Script (Baybayin for Beginners Level)

“Baybayin is a pre-colonial Philippine writing system. Ancient and indigenous, it is an alphasyllabary member of the family of Brahmic scripts and is one of the many suyat scripts in the Philippines. It is recorded as being in use in the 16th century and continued to be used up until the late 19th century, when it became superseded by the latin alphabet during the Spanish colonization. Nowadays, Baybayin has made a comeback through tattoos, art, many fashion items and is being seen more and more in the everyday cultural pride of Filipinos worldwide.”

What This Class Covers

To promote the richness of the Filipino culture and pride, these three 90 min class series of Baybayin (for beginners level) will be introducing students to the wonderful world of the Ancient Filipino Indigenous script. Students will be given the foundational focus for writing these ancient scripts and learn how to spell a variety of words, places and names. Students will also be introduced to the history, several preserved museum artifacts and the latest trends of Baybayin.

Time and Date of Class:

April 18, 25, May 2: 11:00 PM Manila: 8:00 AM California Same Dates

April 19, 26, May 3: 11:00 AM Manila, 8:00 PM California April 18, 25 and May 2

May 9, 16, 23: 11:00 PM Manila, 8:00 AM California Same Dates

May 10, May 17, May 24: 11 AM Manila: 8:00 PM California May 9, 16 and 23

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Dr. Catherine Sy Luib, LAc, ACN, BSc(Kin), CCH, CNLP  is a licensed nutritionist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, and herbalist at The Luib Health Center where she provides holistic healthcare services to uniquely address the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health needs of patients. She is an engaged entrepreneur, business leader, and community health educator, regularly hosting her annual Philippine medical missions as her own personal philanthropy project.


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