Cebuano Beginners (6 Weeks) by Nanette Lamo


Cebuano Language for Beginners (6 Weeks)

This 6 -week class series is a beginner’s level course, which will cover:

Session 1: Kumusta ka?Maayong Adlaw!   

How to say hi and introduce yourself.


Session 2: Unsa nang petsaha karon?

Numbers, hours, Months and days of the week.


Session 3: Ka gwapo nimo oi! ug buotan pa gyud.

Commonly used adjectives to describe you, your friends, your crush, and this bar!


Session 4: Unsa man ang imong gibuhat?

Commonly used verbs and adverbs to describe your daily activities.


Session 5: Mo order ko ug usa ka kilo nga litson manok ug usa ka kilo nga litson baboy.   Asa ta pwede mosakay padulong SM?

Ordering food, asking for directions, getting around using pinoy public transportation.


Session 6: Adto na kita.Magbansay na kita!

Practice makes perfect!



Dec 30
Jan 6, 13, 20, 27
Feb 3Manila
Dec 31
Jan 7, 14, 21, 28
Feb 4
Feb 10, 17, 24
Mar 3, 10, 17Manila
Feb 11, 18, 25
Mar 4, 1111:30am-1pm
Mar 18

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Anette is a Licensed Professional Teacher from Cebu City. She graduated from Southern Leyte State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She further took her Master’s in Early Childhood Education in Cebu Technological University in Cebu City.

     For more than 5 years, she was an ESL teacher and catered instructing students from Korea, China, Japan and Pakistan. She enjoyed teaching to these foreign learners as it enabled her to gain more acquaintances and discover their characters and cultures. Nanette handled foreign students including kids, teens and adults.

            For 6 years now, she is working in Cebu City as a Public School Teacher. Proudly, she is using their Mother Tongue Based Dialect , “ Sinugbuhanong Bisaya“ which is affiliated with the Department of Education.


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