Cebuano Beginner’s (6 Weeks) by Janeth Banga (July 19)


Cebuano Language for Beginners (6 Sessions)

This 6-week class sessions is intended as a beginner’s level course which covers the following:


Session 1: Introduction and Greetings

         Maayong Adlaw! Kumusta ka?

         Maayo man.


Session 2: Days, Months, Numbers, and Time

         Marso Uno (March 1)




Session 3: Adjectives (Panghulagway)- Used to describe a person, a thing, an animal, a place, or an event.

         Gwapa akong amiga.

         Buotan ang bata.


Session 4: Verbs and Adverbs (Punglihok ug Pungwayon)

         Nagtudlo. Nagtuon.

         Maayo mubasa og mantalaan si Rose. (Rose reads newspaper well.)


Session 5: Asking and Giving Directions

         Wala ug Tuo (Left and Right)

         Asa ang duol nga hotel diria? (Where is the nearest hotel here?)


Session 6: Let’s Practice! (Magbansay Kita!)



Jul 18, 25
Aug 1, 8, 15, 22

Jul 19, 26
Aug 2, 9, 16, 23

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Teacher Janeth is a licensed teacher. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education with a specialization in Filipino. She recognized her passion for teaching at a young age, and it became her driving force to chase her career. In 2020, she began working as a Learning-Support Aide Teacher in a public school. She also worked as a substitute teacher in one of Davao City’s finest schools, teaching Preschool and Primary students. She currently tutors Filipino, Mother Tongue, English, Math, and other subjects.


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