Conversational Filipino Language For Beginners by Chris Kabiling


Filipino Language for Beginners (6 Weeks)


This 6-week class session is intended as a beginner’s level course which emphasizes the background of the Philippines, common phrases, and basic conversations in Tagalog. The topics are the following:

Session 1: Ating Alamin Pinagmulan Namin

Brief History of the Philippines

Lokasyon ng Pilipinas

Pinagmulan ng Salitang Pilipinas

Mga Madalas Gamiting Salita sa Filipino


Session 2: Lubutin Aming Bayan Kahit Ika’y Dayuhan

Must-Visit Places and Historical Locations in the Philippines

Yamang Lupa

Yamang Tubig

Salita ang Kulturang Pilipino



Session 3: Alamin, Tuklasin, Gamitin Wikang Filipino

Introduction to Filipino Language

Pinagmulan ng Wikang Filipino

Wikang Filipino at ang Kayarian Nito


Session 4: Matuto Gamit ang Mga Panuto

Basic Directions and Instructions

Dito (here)

Doon (there)

Sa kabila (on the other side)


Session 5: Ano na? Kailan?

Days, Hours, Dates, Months, Numbers in Filipino

Linggo (Sunday)

Alas tres ng hapon (3 in the afternoon)

Marso (March)

Isa (one)


Session 6: Magkaalaman na at Magkakilakilala

Basic Greeting and Introductions in Filipino

Magandang Araw (Good Day)

Magandang Gabi (Good Evening)

Akopo si (I am)



Jun 26
Jul 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Jun 27
Jul 4, 11, 18, 25
Aug 1

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Teacher Chris is a licensed teacher. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education major in English and has experience in teaching Filipino subjects. His passion for teaching ignited in 2013 when he was exposed to teaching children and his students the basics of reading, language, and grammar. He also worked as a Secondary Teacher in a public school for three years. When he sees an opportunity to pursue his love for education and increase his capability in teaching, he continued his post-graduate studies in the doctoral degree which open an opportunity for him to teach at the oldest State University in the Far East Asia situated in Bacolor, Pampanga. He currently teaches general education courses such as Purposive Communication, World Literature, Interactive English, Kontekstwalisadong Komunikasyon sa Filipino, Sosyedad at Literatura, Panitikan ng Pilipinas, and Dalumat sa/ng Filipino.


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