Filipino Language for Intermediate Kids 8-12 Years Old (6 Weeks) by Kat Candelaria

Filipino Language For Intermediate (8-12)

This course is a continuation of Filipino Language for Beginners (8-12) program. The course allows young learners to learn the language based on real-life conversations. Cultural and historical background are also included as part of providing context of the lesson. It will also guide the learner in improving his reading, writing, and speaking in Filipino.


What This Class Covers:

Session 1 – Mag-rebyu tayo! 

Review of previous lessons from Beginner’s session. 

Session 2 – Makulay ang buhay! (Life is colorful!)

Learn to describe using colors and shapes.

Session 3 – Tara, pasok ka! (Welcome! Come in!) 

Learn common courtesies when visiting someone’s house.

Session 4 – Anong oras na? (What time is it?)

Learn how to tell time and understand the culture behind Filipino time. 

Session 5 – Pabili po! (Please let me buy!)

Learn phrases and common terms related to shopping.  

Session 6 – Mag-study tayo! (Let’s study!)

Learn about phrases and conversations related to school.

Session 7 –  Tara, let’s eat! (Come, let’s eat!)

Learn common terms and vocabulary when ordering in a restaurant. You will also learn more about Filipino food. 

Session 8 – Magpraktis tayo! (Let’s practice!)

Culmination of all of our lessons. 




Kat Candelaria is a licensed professional teacher and development/cultural worker. She joined the government sector in 2015 as a Researcher of Philippine Registry of Cultural Property (PRECUP) under National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). In 2018, she joined Teach for the Philippines as a Teacher Fellow. Her experience in Teach for the Philippines made her grounded in teaching pedagogy and community organizing. Currently, she is doing freelance work related to education and environment advocacy.


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