Filipino Traditional Healing (Hilot) by Dr. Catherine Sy Luib

Hilot is the art and science of the ancient Filipino healing systems. For Filipino healers who cultivate and pass on the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, it is understood that health is a condition or status of an individual’s life. It is characterized through Maginhawang Pamumuhay/Kaginhawaan (Wellness) and Karamdaman (Illness). Our ancestors believed that life and health are sacred gifts from God, that Wellness or Illness is a result of choices that the individual makes in his/her life.


To promote the richness of the Filipino culture and pride, this 1 hour class will be introducing students to the remembering of the medicine of the Filipinos prior to colonization. Students will be reconnected back to the natural world of healing, the spiritual nature of health and disease, the different categories of Filipino healers, Philippine herbs and the understanding of the past and current applications of Hilot.

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Dr. Catherine Sy Luib, LAc, ACN, BSc(Kin), CCH, CNLP  is a licensed nutritionist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, and herbalist at The Luib Health Center where she provides holistic healthcare services to uniquely address the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health needs of patients. She is an engaged entrepreneur, business leader, and community health educator, regularly hosting her annual Philippine medical missions as her own personal philanthropy project.


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