Kapampangan for Beginners (6 Weeks) by Teacher Lue (Feb 13)


Kapampangan or Pampango, most known as “Amanung Sisuan” is the mother tongue of the province Pampanga. It is one of the eight major languages in the whole Philippine archipelago. “Kapampangan” was derived from the root word “Pampang” which means “riverbank”, a name given by the Spaniards when they discovered natives living in Pampanga. This is also the very reason why a lot of Kapampangan words were actually originated and borrowed from the Spanish Language, which actually makes the language more interesting. Learning the Kapampangan Language will give you significant insights on its rich and exceptional culture. The language exemplifies the strength and resilience of Kapampangan people most evident in how they survive different calamities such as the “lahar” during the Mount Pinatubo eruption. Studying the Kapampangan Language will introduce you to how Kapampangans transform such nightmares into opportunities for growth. These are only some of the reasons why Kapampangan Language is indeed worth learning!


Session 1: “Mekeni, tuki ka! Malaus ka Pampanga!”

Pampanga: Geography and Background

Session 2: “Kampangan ku, pagmaragul ku!”

Origin and Introduction to the Kapampangan Language

Session 3: “Mayap a yabak!”

Basic Kapampangan Greetings and Responses

Session 4: “Aku i Juan.”

How to Introduce Yourself using the Kapampangan Language

Session 5: “Nanu ng aldo ngeni?”

Numbers, Horse, Months, Weeks, and Days of the Week

Session 6: “Sopan muku!”, 

Basic Survival Kapampangan Expressions and “Conversational practice”



Mar 12, 19, 26
Apr 2, 9, 16

Mar 13, 20, 27
Apr 3, 10, 17



Lurenie D. Rivera, or “Teacher Lue”, is a licensed professional teacher living in Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Philippines. She has been a Junior High School English Teacher for 7 years. Her genuine passion for teaching the English, Filipino, and Kapampangan Language compelled her to join various English academies and online ESL teaching platforms as a part time tutor. Currently, she is also finishing her Master’s Degree for English Education at a renowned state university in Pampanga. Despite her busy schedule, she still endeavors to tutor foreign students, teaching them about the Philippines, but especially about her hometown, Pampanga. For her, teaching non-Filipino students across the globe is a great opportunity to facilitate an exchange of cultures and traditions.


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