Kapampangan Cuisine by Chef Trisha Ocampo


The Iconic Cuisine of the Culinary Capital of the Philippines

Food has always held a special place of reverence in the Filipino culture. As a people that loves and honors food, regional cuisines have become a source of pride for the locals of the archipelagic nation. Among the country’s local cuisines, one stood out the most. In this course, you will discover what makes the cuisine of Pampanga so extraordinary that the province has historically been crowned the culinary capital of the Philippines. Learn about the incredible ingenuity of the Kapampangans (the people of Pampanga) as exhibited in the colorful origins of their local cuisines. With Chef Trisha, explore the stories behind Pampanga’s iconic dishes and find out how food shaped the very fabric of the region’s society and culture.

What This Class Covers

What this class covers is the stories of origin and the enduring global influence of Pampanga’s cuisine, as well as the role it plays in the vibrant culture of the region.

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Chef Trisha is an alumna of the illustrious Le Cordon Bleu, a 120-year old culinary institution that has evolved from an iconic Parisian cooking school into a world-renowned network of the highest quality culinary education.


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