Ligaw (Courtship) 2-Part Series by Andrei Julian – Starts May 16/17


This is a two-part series that will celebrate the romanticism of the Filipinos. We will talk about Filipinos’ subtle and indirect art of expressing love and courtship. Discover our culture’s romantic side as we convey love with music, dance, and poetry. Let us remember how our lolos and lolas declare love through romantic love songs, reciting poems, writing letters, gift-giving, and even through servitude. Relive tuksuhan. Relive tulaan. Relive harana. Relive the Filipino’s art of ligaw.

Date and Time of Class:

Manila 9:00 AM May 17 and 24. California Time 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM New York (May 16 and 23)



Andrei Julian is the co-founder of Don’t Skip Manila, a passion project that aims to tell the grand story of the Pearl City, Manila. For the longest time, Tourism graduate Andrei has witnessed the city get skipped in most urban tours, overlooking Manila’s rich history, enduring grandeur, and vibrant arts and culture.