Mindanao Cuisine by Chef Trisha Ocampo


A Whole New World Down In Mindanao

Embark on a gastronomic adventure down in Mindanao with Chef Trisha! The island of Mindanao is blessed with near unlimited access to the freshest seafood and a geographical location which allows for a rich culinary fusion with the neighboring Malay countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Thailand. Adding to their advantages as a culturally diverse region, Mindanao also abounds in natural resources, exotic spices, and a mouth watering fruit selection as the second largest island in the country. Whether you’re a professional chef or a passionate foodie, you will certainly discover why it’s way more fun to eat and cook in the Philippines!

What This Class Covers

What this class covers is the diverse dishes of Mindanao, including the fascinating  story behind their food and culture.


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Chef Trisha is an alumna of the illustrious Le Cordon Bleu, a 120-year old culinary institution that has evolved from an iconic Parisian cooking school into a world-renowned network of the highest quality culinary education.


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