DIY Herbal Teas and Treatment by FARMACY


Introduction to the “Holistic Medicine” in Philippine tradition

This online curriculum consists of 2 modules. The first module is a 3-session series that aims to guide users on how to plant and nurture their own garden, primarily focusing on the 10 traditional herbs approved by the Department of Health of the Philippines The second module consists of 2-sessions on homemade concoctions such as herbal teas.

  • Introduce the history and basics of “Holistic Medicine” in Philippine tradition
  • Breed appreciation/ curiosity for young people as well as Filipinos abroad with the desire to connect to their tradition ● Programming support for local herbal farmers in Amadeus, Cavite

Module 2. DIY Herbal Teas and Treatments

  • July 10: Session 4. Homemade tea recipes by Glowy Malipol, with interviews of farmers from Farmacy Haven ● July 11: Session 5. Other concoctions in the practice of traditional holistic medicine by Dr. Catherine Luib, Wellness Doctor / Director of Operations, SuyoMano


Manila Schedule
July 10, 11
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Saturday and Sunday
California PDT
Friday and Saturday
06:00PM – 07:00PM
July 10, 11



To survive the pandemic, a shift towards more green and natural consciousness has been witnessed around the world. In the Philippines, Farmacy Haven brings together community farms with organic, wild and cultivated herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, mushroom, edible flowers and other ornamental plants in Amadeo, Cavite. It is also home for Ayama Healing focusing on holistic health- physical, emotional, social , spiritual and mental.


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