Introduction To Traditional and Evolving Filipino Family Values by Dr. Clarissa Mariano-Ligon


This distinctive class will uncover traditional and evolving Filipino family values that makes our culture unique.  Filipinos are known for values such as respect for elders, religiosity, ‘utang na loob’ or debt of gratitude and many more that are evident across the 7,107 islands of the archipelago.   The value system that Filipinos have came from a unique way of life which should be continued to be passed on from one generation to generation.


What makes Filipino values different from the others?  At the core of its value system is the term kapwa which means a recognition of shared identity or the inner self that is shared with others. This makes the course valuable not only to Filipinos but to non-Filipinos as well because being able to relate to and connect oneself to others is now considered a vital part of living.


In addition, the origins of these values will also be discussed and expounded as to how it has evolved and is now seen in present times.  Lastly, tips on how to maintain the Filipino family values while living in a foreign land will also be covered.


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Dr. Clarissa Mariano-Ligon, Ph.D, LPT or Teacher Clar as she is fondly called by her students, has been an educator for almost 20 years.  She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Family Studies from Miriam College and has a Masters in Special Education from De La Salle University.  She was an elementary school teacher for two years in High Point, North Carolina and is presently active in giving talks on parenting, modern day family issues and the like.


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