Waray-Waray Beginner’s Level (4 Weeks) by Cristhia Mae Santillan


Waray: A Major Language in Philippines 

Waray-Waray or Waray is commonly spelled as “Waray ”; which is also referred to as Winaray or Lineyte-Samarnon. It is a language spoken in the provinces of Samar, Northern Samar, Eastern Samar , Leyte (eastern portion), and Biliran in the Philippines.

Learning the basic ways of communicating in Waray-Waray is beneficial to someone who is planning on traveling or even staying in Samar,Leyte and other provinces that use it as a vernacular. In this 4-week course, participants will be exposed to commonly used expressions, conversational sentence patterns, and basic Waray-Waray words among others.

By the end of taking this course, participants are expected to have a general idea of the uniqueness of the Waray-Waray language and are expected to be able engage in basic conversation and construct simple sentences that are useful and timely.

This 4 session course will cover basic vocabulary words, everyday expressions, dialogues, common questions and daily greetings for the proper time of the day in Waray-Waray language. One will learn and practice essential conversational sentences as accurately as possible as they are used in different contexts such as pointing objects as necessary and locating and showing directions.

What This Class Covers 

This class is a simplified approach in learning the second most spoken language in the Philippines, from a Waray-Waray native speaker.

Week 1: Maupay! Maupay nga aga,kulop,gab.i- Introductions, Salutation and Greetings Week 2: Ako, Ikaw, Hiya, Kita, Hira – Pronouns (I, You, He/She, We, They) Week 3: Hin.o?Ano?San.o?Diin?Kay ano? Aanhon?Who,What,When,Where,Why, How 

Week 4: Iba gad! Napaka! Sulibangko..Abuyon..Unique Waray-Waray Words/Expressions 



California, USA Schedule (PDT)
Every Friday – 7:30 PM -9:00 PM
October 29, November 5, 12 and 19

Manila Schedule (Philippines)
Every Saturday – 10:30 AM to 12 Noon
October 30, November 6, 13 and 20



Cristhia Mae earned her degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at University of Cebu, she was a hotelier for a few years until she traveled to Thailand for work. She worked as a Team Leader in the Food & Beverage Department in a Luxury Resort because of the language barrier, she tried to help her other co-workers improve their English communication skills. When she went back to the Philippines, she decided to try the Education Industry and gained experience, took a TEFL Course and got Certified and became an ESL Teacher, now, she has more than five years of teaching experience.


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