Why Visit Palawan? by Bryan Ocampo


The Philippines’ Best Island: Palawan

Facing the West Philippine Sea, Palawan is said to be the country’s last frontier. This class will take you to different parts of the island—from north to south—and show its biodiversity and beautiful sights.

So much has been written about this island, which has been drawing visitors who want to soak up the sun, see pristine beaches and spend time away from their busy lives. We will give you an overview of recommended destinations and things to watch for that would help give you the best experience when travel is possible.

This primer on Palawan is a good step toward planning your trip to the island. Part of this class would be set aside for consultations to guide you in making informed decisions in choosing your next adventure. Book now! Beach wear not required.

What This Class Covers

What this class covers is basically a preview on Palawan’s attractions, activities, accomodation, food, and trip consultation.



Bryan finished the Mabuhay Guides Training Program created by the Philippine Department of Tourism and has been working as a professional tour guide since 2009. He has been taking people around the Philippines for adventure travel brands such as Intrepid Travel, Flash Pack, Explore and Travel the Unknown.


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