The Youth Guide to Asian Leadership


In this class, we will explore the role of collective concepts in the region, such as gotong royong, bayanihan, and the like on how they define leadership, the Asian Way.

For the next generation of leaders, Asia is home to a majority of the world’s youth. This means youth are not only the future, but the present of the region. From the likes of Asian Youth Council, to Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation, came forth ASEAN Youth Network on DRR and Asian Youth Peace Network, as well as several youth-led organizations like ASEAN Youth Organization and ASEAN Youth Forum, among others. 

Let’s trace Asia’s leadership journey as a region, learn basic tools in diplomacy and peacebuilding and exchange best practices with peers… together, channel that Asian leader inside of you.

Resources :

This course includes two modules : Youth Peace Security and Youth Leadership; Intergenerational Leadership Values and Best Practices in Peacebuilding and Diplomacy 


  • To understand Asian values of leadership 
  • To learn concepts and frameworks in regional diplomacy and peacebuilding 
  • To get to know the different stakeholders of youth in the region
  • To exchange insights and experiences about best practices of leadership in the region 


  • 30-minute recorded lecture
  • 15-minute assessment
  • 15-minute Q & A
  • 1 month worth of online mentorship




Friday and Saturday
March 4 and 5

Saturday and Sunday
March 5 and 6

Friday and Saturday
March 25 and 26

Saturday and Sunday
March 26 and 27


Regine Guevara has worked as a Communications Consultant for the USAID-ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme, United Nations Women, United Nations Habitat as well as UNESCO. She also served leadership roles in the Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation, Asian Youth Council, UN Major Group for Children and Youth, Global Coalition in Youth, Peace, Security, among others. Today, Regine is Producer of AsiaTV and Trustee of the Guevara Foundation, through which she manages local, gender and age-sensitive, urban mobility and food security projects called SDG Villages. 

Joey Dela Cruz is a student-leader, health and education advocate and educator from the University of the Philippines. He is a cum laude graduate of AB Philippine Arts, with a concentration in Cultural Heritage Studies from the College of Arts & Sciences, UP Manila, and he completed his Post Baccalaureate in Teacher Education from the College of Education of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.  He is currently finishing his graduate studies in Bioethics from the UP College of Medicine. 

Agatha Natania is a young peacebuilder from Indonesia who is passionate about intercultural and interfaith programs. Currently, Agatha is working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia as staff at ASEAN Institute for Peace and Reconciliation (ASEAN-IPR) Indonesia. Since 2017, she holds a position as the Head of International Relations at the ASEAN Youth Organization (A.Y.O), a youth-led organization that aims to promote youth development in the region.


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