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Brittany Wingard
Brittany WingardProgram Account Manager at Alliance Abroad
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A couple years ago, The Philippines was a country that was very unfamiliar to me. It wasn’t until my first work trip to Manila that I experienced a glimpse Filipino culture. The richness in history, culture, and tradition was incredible and my curiosity continued to grow with each visit. What was most captivating to me was the happiness and kindness projected from Filipinos. Ive never met a group of people who were as excited and proud to share their culture. Their hospitality and joy are contagious. I have had the honor and privilege of working alongside amazing people and have formed close friendships after these trips to the Philippines. For a country that was a stranger to me, is now one that is very close to my heart and can’t wait to return to and learn more about!
Ace Itchon
Ace ItchonCEO of Aspen Philippines, 100 Most Influential Women in the World 2015 and 2016 by Filipina Women's Network
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As the world became more and more interconnected, we see many ethnically diverse people making up societies bringing about the blending of different languages, religions, economic and cultural groups, including those of the Filipinos. Understanding and appreciating various cultures can help establish relationships among people of different backgrounds, hence building stronger work environments and communities.
Claire Navarro Espina
Claire Navarro EspinaLawyer, Los Angeles, CA
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The wonderful surprise is that my four very American daughters have, in their adulthood, found the deep-seated need to educate themselves on Philippine history, culture, cuisine, music, literature and politics - all without my purposeful intervention. It affirms to me that there is a mysterious pull of roots and identity in every person who wants to understand who they are and where they come from. Suyomano presents a concentrated outpost of vetted and verified information which is available to everyone - including progeny of Filipino immigrants to assist in this necessary self-discovery. I congratulate the team behind Suyomano and wish them much success and growth.
Chef Leon Teow
Chef Leon TeowExecutive Chef at Portofino Universal Studios Orlando Florida
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The Philippines continues to grow tremendously towards the top of the world because of its people, which embraces the culture through hard work, diligence, and kindness. It has been my privilege to visit the country and work with its people.
Leonardo Maurelli III
Leonardo Maurelli IIIDirector of Culinary Operations, The Hotel at Auburn University & Dixon and Conference Center
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I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to the Philippines every January for the past 3 years. I was immediately taken in by the warmth, care and genuine hospitality I received upon arrival from everyone I came in contact with. The Filipino culture, as I’ve experienced is one of true hospitality, one where being welcomed and cared for is intrinsically in the DNA of the people. I look forward to each and every visit, and to spending quality time together, being amongst the people, and the culture definitely serves to recharge your soul battery!
Ash Meikle
Ash MeikleContent Director, Ayima Asia
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Having worked in the Philippines for close to 8 years, the first thing that became apparent is that the culture here is deep-rooted in very traditional values – something completely different to the western world. The close family ties that they value so highly, unwavering resilience, warmth, their four-month build-up to Christmas, and obsession with singing is what makes Filipino culture so quirky yet utterly endearing. When it comes to working and ultimately being successful in the Philippines as an expat, it is absolutely imperative to immerse yourself in their rich culture. Through Suyomano, people can learn about the Philippines’ deep-rooted traditions from experts in their field. It’s a great insight into the inner workings of a country brimming with character, flavor, history, vibrancy and warmth.

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